Hi! I’m Klieo Lee.

I’m a Penangite born and bred,
love all things cute,
and take bribes in the form of
cute stuff and
pepperoni pizza.

Project Klieo is my passion project
and a social experiment for me.

What if I blog every day for 365 days?

Most of what I write is written for myself,
first and foremost.
I don’t share ideas because I think I’m right
or that I am great at it.
I write them because I want to share my journey of learning
and correct my own misjudgements
as I walk down the path of life;
and if possible, help others in the process.

I know every time I look back,
I’ll cringe and smack my forehead
over some embarrassing things I’ve written.
But that’s ok. I am glad I wrote them.
They helped me find my voice,
who I am and who I want to become.

Come join me in my little adventure
and let’s see where it’ll bring us!

Get in touch here.


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