DAY 79 – Quiet Strength

When I was little, people who save the day in my story books are always a super hero of some sort. Super powers, great physical strength, kick ass fighting skills, awesome gadgets, magical sidekicks or the very least, super smart.

Because of that, as a kid growing up I equate bravery and courage with such things. A person that is always up for a challenge (or a fight) and speak their mind out LOUD. They are out there to save the world!

Of course, that perception is wrong. You don’t need to fight in a war or wield a sword or have a six pack or know kung-fu or be a genius to make a difference in your own life and others.

And just because someone isn’t as roaring as He Man, it doesn’t mean they are any less strong and courageous.

It’s the small decisions we make every day and never giving up when we are struggling to overcome our challenges.

There are many people who changed the world in their own quiet ways. Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, Mahamat Gandhi, Rosa Parks, Albert Einstein, MY PARENTS and all the everyday unsung heroes around us.

Quietness in speech means listening ears.
Quietness in reaction means self-control.
Quietness in times of trouble means patience.
Quietness in a fight means gentleness.
Quietness in spirit means calmness and peace.

There is strength in quietness.

I consider myself pretty outspoken but I have learnt to quiet down (a little). I learned a lot from my dad actually. There is a time for everything, including being patient and keeping my mouth shut. Just because you keep quiet or move back doesn’t mean you are being cowardly or giving in to your enemy. It means you are being strategic and wise. Lose the battle but win the war.

I will always be a ‘loud’ person. That’s just the way I am hard-wired. And learning quietness doesn’t mean I am trying to be something I’m not. Being quiet doesn’t mean you need to turn yourself into an introvert.

We still need the outspoken Martin Luther King Jrs, the Muhammad Alis and the Tony Robins of the world. I never liked articles that say introverts or extroverts are better. That’s ridiculous.

The world needs both the loud and the quiet ones. We all have something to offer and we all have something to learn from each other.

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