DAY 84 – Old Habits Die Hard, Not That It Can’t Die

Here I am again, after not posting anything for the past few days. I am starting to slack off my 365 daily blog challenge. I promise myself I will post something on my blog, every day. Something, anything. I made that same promise to myself to blog more many times before. And more often than not, I fail. And failing to post a few times is enough to put me off the entire thing.

But this time, it is different. I carried on. And now at DAY 84, it’s not getting any easier. I got lazy, I got distracted, I ran out of ideas, I forgot… I am still lacking consistency and commitment.

A few days ago, I made a commitment to read a book a month. That, I am doing pretty well. Almost done with a book. Actually, I didn’t blog yesterday because I was too lazy to stop reading and blog.

I don’t want to keep my¬†old habits of giving up too soon. So, I will definitely be working harder to complete the challenges I set for myself.

We all know, old habits are hard to die but, it can still die. I’m killin’ it now. Lol!

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