DAY 85 – Blogging On My Phone

Yes, I’m blogging on my tiny phone. Typing with only my thumb. Lol! I’ve never done this before. Kind of fun!

I’m blogging right now while lying in darkness on my bed. Right after I finished my work, I showered and immediately got into bed. Only to realise I haven’t blog today. Too lazy to switch on my laptop again so I thought, why not try blogging on the phone.

Found cute meme online,  edited text with Meitu app and there I have my blog post feature image. Sorry I didn’t give credit for the pug’s photo. It’s all over the internet. I don’t know who to credit. If it’s yours, let me know. I’ll remove it or credit you as requested.

Gosh, my thumb is tired already. Haha.

Well,  I guess that’s it. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow’s a brand new day!!! And the day for Korean BBQ!!!

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