DAY 86 – JungWon – 정원 Korean BBQ Buffet

Yes, after saying no more buffets, I went back to JungWon – 정원 Korean BBQ Buffet with my family. It was supposed to be a two person dinner as I promised to bring my niece out for Korean BBQ after she did well in her exam. Then more and more people wanted to come along so ended up, eight of us went.

The more the merrier, of course!

Korean BBQ!!!

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Happy BBQ day! Super blur photo.

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There are two types of BBQ here. If you want to sit inside and enjoy the air-conditioning, then you will be barbequing your meat on a metal plate. If you want charcoal barbeque, then you’ll have to be seated outside. Which was what we did today.

The food here is a little above average. To be fair, you can’t really expect great food from an RM39.00 buffet (RM39 from Fave. Normal price is RM42.90). With the price you pay (and if you really don’t eat a lot), I feel it is better if you go for a fancier Korean BBQ restaurant and order a BBQ set for higher quality meat and dishes.

There are a few types of meat for the barbeque. Spicy marinated pork slices, chicken, and octopus. Soy sauce marinated chicken and pork slices. They also have plain, non-marinated meats which I actually prefer. They do provide lettuce leaves and sauces for you to make your own wrap. If you prefer your meat with rice, they have that too.

Their meat quality is quite good and they give generous big cuts of meat. I had some octopus as big as my palm. I do wish they serve beef though.

Aside from the meat, they offer quite a variety of dishes like salad, stir fry meat and vegetables, veggie tempuras, Korean pancakes, Korean fried rice, sausages, mash potatoes, egg rolls, seaweed soup, kimchi soup, white rice, kimchi etc. Their dishes taste average except for their japchae, jumukbap and tteok-bokki which I actually really like.

For drinks, they provide refillable cold plain water and subak hwache, a Korean watermelon punch. If you want other drinks, they do have rice drink, carbonated drinks and soju that you can buy separately.

One thing I realised is, they use a lot of MSG in their food. This is the second time I ate here. Both times, I went home with a dry mouth and feeling really thirsty (signs of MSG overload). I suggest you go easy on the marinated meat, soup and saucy dishes.

The place is clean and the ambience is quite nice. A good place if you want to hang out and enjoy food with a big group of friends. The service is very good too. The staff are mostly foreigners but they can understand simple English.

Read about my first visit to Jung Won here.

JungWon – 정원 Korean BBQ Buffet Facebook.

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