DAY 89 – Selamat Hari Malaysia!

Happy Malaysia Day!

Wow… the last time I blogged, we were celebrating our Independence Day. Can I give the excuse that I don’t have time to blog because my nephew from London, another nephew from Dubai and my sister and brother in law from Singapore were all there in my house for two weeks?

Today we celebrate our country’s birthday but I realised there are many kids who don’t know anything about Malaysia Day or Independence Day.

I don’t blame them. Most teachers and adults don’t teach them stuff like these. I, myself struggled to try to explain this two very important days to my students (age between 6-10). We are not equipped to teach children such stuff.

New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Christmas… kids have no problem telling you such public holidays but Malaysia Day and Independence Day? They stare at you with wrinkles on their tiny foreheads.

What went wrong? They know what other celebrations are because they are part of it. They could relate to them. They celebrate it, they watch movies/ cartoons about it, they see people around them celebrating it. Shopping malls go all out decorating their premises for such festivity. Parents definitely talk to them about it.

What do kids see on Independence Day and Malaysia Day? Maybe more flags here and there. How do you relate to flags?

A kid told me the public holiday was because of ‘The Ghost Month’. Lol! They even know Ghost Month but not our country’s birthday.

Personally, I don’t think kids really need to (or can) understand what these two important dates are but AT LEAST they should be told the reason they are on holiday!

Thinking back, the way history was taught in school SUCKS! I hated history in school but love it now. Back in those days, history was about memorizing names of strangers, places, and dates. You don’t relate to the past and you definitely don’t see its relevance to your present or future.

Why am I ranting so much about this? I’m not sure. Maybe because I sometimes meet ADULTS who know nothing about these two important dates. Don’t know, don’t care. It’s hard to truly love and appreciate what you don’t really know.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta.

Not that I’m a genius in Malaysian history but I wish we care enough to know more. Just a little bit more.

Comic by Malaysia’s beloved cartoonist Lat.

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