DAY 90 – Wake Up, September Has Ended!

OMG! October is here!!!

We only have three more months till 2018. This is crazy or what?!

I am seriously awful at keeping my commitment to blog every day. I missed a week or two of blogging in August and was totally MIA in September. Well, I blogged ONCE in September. I’m starting to wonder if I will ever reach DAY 365. Time to buck up!

The last two months weren’t exactly super busy but I did get super lazy.

Not only that, I started to wake up early every day (almost) at 7 AM. Because of that, my eyes start closing by 11 PM. The problem is my creative juices start flowing around that time but I could barely keep my eyes open by then. Not only it’s bad for blogging, it’s REALLY bad for my work life too.

I am a night owl you see. I love working late and by late I mean I sleep at 3-4 AM. I hate to say this but I feel I can only do my creative and strategic thinking late at night. That’s just how I roll. Daytime is for execution and all the dull stuff.

So, two weeks ago, I started sleeping late again. I told my mom about it. She says I’m crazy and that it is just a matter of habit.

Do you guys think it is just a matter of habit or do you believe some people are just night owls while others are morning people?

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