DAY 95 – First Blog Post of 2018

First blog of 2018.

I can’t believe a week has passed since the new year. What have I done in this one week? Nothing much to be honest. But, I’m proud to say my 2018 goals are STILL in check. Haha!

I know I say this pretty often the past few months or so but yeah…again, sorry for not blogging. Who am I apologising to really? Nobody reads my blogs LOL. I guess I sucked at keeping my one blog a day resolution. Hey, I’ve blogged more than I have ever before so I will not beat myself up for that.

I’m actually contemplating if I should keep this blog. WHAT? Quitting already? No. Definitely no. I’m setting up my business website and I’m will be blogging there. I’m just wondering if I will be able to keep both blogs going when I can’t even keep this one going as planned. Oh well, maybe from a few blog posts a year to a blog post a day for an entire year was a little too big of a jump for me to begin with *shrug*.

Anyways, a friend suggested I keep both. She said writing is good for the soul. I agree. I love to write. Sometimes you just need to let stuff out and write fun stuff. I guess I can keep one for a more personal stuff and another for business.

Something weird happened. My MacBook kinda died on me about a month ago. It became incredibly sluggish and slow. I couldn’t use it so I packed it up and decided to get it fixed when I get to Kuala Lumpur. My best friend so kindly lend me one of her laptops to work with. Yesterday, my phone died (sigh) and for some reason, I remembered my Macbook and thought I should at least charge it and switch it on once in a while. My MacBook returned to normal. Just suddenly. Now, I’m hoping the same thing would happen to my phone. I know I still need to get my Mac checked. Something must be wrong inside but I’m very thankful it’s working now and I hope it continues to work normally till then.

Tata for now. Have a great 2018!

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