DAY 1 – Rabbit Double Cheese Softserve Ice-Cream @ 1st Avenue, Penang

Hey, guys!

I cannot believe I am finally blogging again. This time is for real! *yes, yes, I said this many times before*

I got myself a domain name, hosting and all that jazz. I even gave myself a crazy challenge! I’ll tell you more about it in my next blog. Please note that all the blog posts before this one were transferred from my old Blogger’s site.

For now, let’s talk about ice-cream!

Rabbit Softserve has been around for almost 2 years now. I have seen their irresistible, mouth-watering photos of unique flavoured soft serve floating around social media for some time. I never got around to trying it as their special flavours are available for limited time only.  I don’t like ice-cream that much to actually cave into the craze and pay them a visit.

Yesterday, I met up with a client at 1st Avenue Mall, Penang. Knowing that Rabbit has come out with a Double Cheese soft serve, I took the opportunity to finally give it a try.

Their pop-up store is located on the 8th floor of 1st Avenue Mall. The same floor as the cinema.

The interior design is very minimalistic and stood out among the rest of the other pop-up stores. LOVE their brand aesthetic.

The price for this flavour is RM14.00. At first, I thought it was a decent price for a premium soft serve of this size (an average sized paper cup). Little did I know, the soft serve was served on a much smaller plastic cup, inserted inside the paper cup. It’s only about an inch and a half deep. The rest of the cup is empty. Well, not exactly empty. It’s filled with dry ice. That’s why when you get your soft serve, it’s smoking cold. Kinda made it fancy and it does help prevent the soft serve from melting too fast. Be careful not to topple the cup as it is top-heavy.

It came with a butter-vanilla-ish biscuit roll/ love letter biscuit. There’s dried herbs or something sprinkled on top but I failed to taste what it is. If you know, let me know in the comments below!

Saw their lovely counter so I shamelessly put my soft serve there and took a few shots in front of the cashier. Only realised the missing letters afterwards, the OCD me is dying inside.

I must say their soft serve is indeed very creamy and smooth. Taste-wise, it wasn’t what I hoped it would be. The cheese flavour was pretty light. Since it’s called double cheese soft serve, I expected a little more cheese to the taste. It’s more to the milky side.

Because the taste is pretty light, halfway eating it, it started becoming somewhat tasteless as your tongue goes numb from the cold and sweetness. But, it leaves behind a fragrant salty, buttery aftertaste.

Is it worth RM14.00? Well, yes if you love trying unique flavoured desserts and prefer soft serve over Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs. I would splurge on Rabbit again for sure if they come out with flavours I find interesting. For now, I will stick to my usual McD ice cream.

Right now, they are running a contest for you to win a pair of Adidas NMD (too bad I wasn’t wearing sneakers when I bought the soft serve). So, why not drop by for a double cheese soft serve and join the contest. The double cheese flavour is only available until 27th April 2017 and the contest ends 29th April 2017, 5pm.

Rabbit Softserve Facebook  Instagram  Website
Address: 8th floor, 1st Avenue Mall, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia.

Please ignore my lousy photos. Taken using my RM300 phone :p

Special thanks to my best friend, Yuet Ling for pushing me to start writing again. She threatened to comment “It’s been months………” on all my older posts if I don’t get started :p

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    1. I’m not sure. Never seen any cone soft serve in any of their photos online. They do have coffee, matcha and bottled drinks. My eyes were set on the double cheese soft serve, didn’t notice anything else. Haha!

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