DAY 24 – Good Things In Bad Situations

Today, I went out for a birthday celebration dinner with my friends. My little misadventure happened after the dinner. As tomorrow is a working day, we ended our chit chat a lot earlier, around 10 PM. I was still hungry (as usual), so I decided to buy some bread on my way home.

I went to the bak kwa roti (dried pork slice bun) hawker stall nearby my house. Upon returning to my car after a short 5 minutes, my car died on me. I couldn’t get the engine started. This would have been avoidable if I did not delay servicing my car. There were signs of a weak car battery but the ever awesome me just keeps postponing my car check up. I was planning to do it sometime this week.

I wasn’t panicking at all if you were wondering. I have tonnes of car misadventures before this. Once, I had to call AAM (an automobile breakdown rescue insurance service thingy) SEVEN times in a short few months. Tyre punctures, dead battery, oil leak, hit by a car while perfectly parked in a housing area etc. It’s not like I’m a person who doesn’t service or takes good care of her car, stupid things just kept happening. It happened so frequently that the next time it happened, instead of feeling frustrated, I was laughing at the absurdity of it.

I didn’t sign up for AAM for my new car so this time, I had to call my nephew for help. I am forever thankful to these two nephews and niece of mine. Whenever I call for help, it’s always “Ayi, where are now? I’ll come get you” or “Ok, I’ll fix it”. I don’t call them for help all the time but whenever I did, they never say no. Thank you, Ah Meng, Ah Chye and Ah Chuan!!!

Because my nephew is helping his dad halfway, my niece came over to send me home. Her husband and my nephew would go jump start my car and send it to the mechanic later.

While waiting for them, the bak kwa seller offered me a seat while I wait, offered to call a mechanic for me and even helped me pushed my car, twice. Usually, the one selling is a girl but this time it was this young guy. If it was the girl, I’m sure she won’t be able to offer help to push my car.

I am very grateful for my nephew and niece who helped me today, my friends who made sure I was ok and to the kind bak kwa seller (his stall is along Perak road, opposite Subway).

I would not have known all these goodness if no bad things ever happened to me. I thank God because whenever I run into problems, He sends good people to help me.

Be thankful for the bad things that happen in life, For they open your eyes to the good things you weren’t paying attention to before.
– Unknown

Happy birthday, Patricia!


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So, back to the dinner, I was 45 minutes late. They have ordered and finished the food by the time I arrived. It was a good thing I arrived later, the food wasn’t good so my friends suggested that I eat somewhere else. I got to try some of the leftover sauce and their ice-cream. Really not worth the hype.

We walked to the nearby Moody Cow Cafe, famous for its cheesecake. Actually, the only cakes they have are cheesecakes. Realised they expanded their cafe and the interior was really special. I’m not really good at explaining styles but it’s a fusion of European Renaissance, gothic and avant-garde with a tiny Eastern touch. Unless you have a very good camera, this place is not photography friendly due to its dim lighting.

Chit chat and cheesecake!

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Their food and drinks menu is pretty limited. But there’s an abundance of choices for cheesecakes and cookies. The prices are definitely not cheap with an average of RM35.00 per slice. One slice of cake is definitely enough to be shared by 4-6 people. Never order a slice for one unless you want diabetes. Lol! I had my usual spicy tuna Aglio Olio.

Cheesecake galore at Moody Cow Cafe.

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Even with the limited food menu and expensive price tag, it’s still a great place to go for a chit chat over drinks and unique flavoured cheesecakes. I would recommend going on weekdays as it wouldn’t be so crowded and do call up to ask if your favourite cheesecake flavour is available on that day.

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