HTML Is Killing Me Softly

A big, heavy thingy on my head was what I felt like the whole day. It is so hot here in Penang and there I was sitting in front of my laptop doing my work in the living room.

I am practically dumb when it comes to computer and stuff. Though I have some background in computer studies, all I can remember after all these years is how much I hated my computer class teacher! Him, C++, Visual Basic and HTML, my sworn enemies when I was in the sixth form.

Today for some reason (and need), I have started ‘playing’ with HTML again. Reading an HTML program to me is almost like me trying to read Chinese. And trust me, my Chinese is really bad.

A headache caused by yesterday’s hangover from the football match, the heat, and the eenie meenie HTML codes was almost unbearable. But thanks to the internet, even dumb ones like me can get some work done.

Another thing that is causing my headache is I couldn’t decide on the colour for my blog title and description. No matter which colour I tried, it is still hard to read because of the background. Plus, I couldn’t fix an error in the template HTML code which causes a part of the background image to disappear when my blog posts are shorter than the sidebar. Arghh!!! I still have lots to do tomorrow and I am really hoping that the ‘walrus’ would not be back.

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  1. This is actually d 3rd layout(including my very 1st one). Already deleted the 2nd one. I REALLY like that one but got some problem with it that i couldnt fix 🙁

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