I am back!!!

… with a bunny! Gosh, how long has it been? My last post was in *drum roll* October 2010! That’s like 7 months ago!

Blame it on my new job. SERIOUSLY. It is crazy hectic over there. Still crazy but I really wanted to discipline myself to blog more often. I am writing this like 2.30 in the morning!

I will start by introducing Bailey! A really adorable bunny I adopted from PAWS in March 2011.

Her full name: Bailey Sugar Panda bunny. Lol!

I was scratching my head looking for a name for her. Wanted to call her Panda because she does look like one. But then I settled for Bailey, after one of my favourite drink Baileys.

When I first got her, she was bone skinny and malnourished. She was so skinny, I could feel her bones. I didn’t even dare to play with her too much because she was so fragile. Even pictures I took of her then, I deleted off because she looked so ugly. All the pictures you see of her is after she got a little chubbier. Her white fur’s all stained and yellowish because she was neglected before being sent to PAWS. She put on quite a lot of weight already and I’m just waiting for her time to molt and shed the yellowish fur.

I was actually looking forward to buying myself a super adorable holland lop bunny which easily costs me RM400 and above. So, how did I end up with Bailey? I was going around looking for a good pet boarding shop before I plan to get a bunny. As I travel sometimes, I wanted to be prepared.

Bailey was temporarily homed at the pet boarding shop. This shop helps PAWS to temporarily home animals while waiting for them to be adopted. So, Bailey was there in a cage. She just hopped in every direction that I was going. I fell in love and adopted her on the spot. Talk about compulsive adoption! Hahaha! No, seriously, NEVER buy/adopt an animal compulsively! It is a big responsibility. I already planned to buy a bunny remember, so it’s not really a rushed decision. It is so sad that many are still ignorant about the responsibilities when getting a pet.

Anyway, she’s such a joy. Any stress from work kinda disappears when I get home and play with her. Except during that time I found her chewing on my headset, laptop cable, and my bag. Sigh… blame it on me for not bunny proofing my room yet. Would love to write more but tomorrow is Monday and…well you know. Wait…IT IS MONDAY! Got to hit the sack soon. Nite!

She never lets me work in peace.

Mr Look-at-my-puppy-eyes is hers now.

The pet boarding shop I was talking about:-







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