The Art of Eating Oreo

The art of eating Oreo.

What you need:-

Oreo – Recommended 2-3 pieces.

Enough to satisfy but leaves you with a desire for more. This makes you look forward to your next Oreo experience and makes it a delight when you do get it!

Full cream milk – right out of the fridge. No ice as it dilutes the milk and interferes the dipping process.

Glass for the milk – a shorter glass is good if you don’t intend to drink much milk. You need to fill the glass all the way to the top to make it easier to dip the whole Oreo in without needing to put your hand into the glass.

The S.O.P (Standard Oreo Procedure):-

Oreo must be dipped into cold milk for just the right amount of time for the cream to get cold yet the biscuit brings a light sogginess on the outside but still crispy on the inside. Fingers must hold the Oreo at the most tip so as much surface of the Oreo can be immersed into the milk but with enough grip that it would not fall into the milk or break in the process.

Usage of other tools such as spoon, fork or chopsticks is not recommended as your fingers will not have the lingering smell of Oreo and you lose the fun off of accidentally dipping your fingers in cold milk.

It is not easy to achieve the perfect milk dipped Oreo but when you do get it…heaven!

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