The Day I Got Myself A Sugar Daddy

I can’t believe I got myself a sugar daddy, all because of some concert tickets.

First of all, let me say I heart Paramore!!!

The band’s coming to Malaysia for a concert this 19th October 2010. I purchased the tickets online using my friend’s credit card. I am the kind of person who is definitely not responsible enough (yet) to have my own credit card. I am not a shopaholic but I do have the tendency to overspend. Enough said.

It was only after purchasing the tickets online did I receive an email informing me that one of the things I need to bring when collecting the tickets is the credit card that I made the payment with.

I really don’t see the point in that as they are already asking for my ID, transaction no. and the receipt print out.

Since I can only collect my tickets on the concert day itself, I didn’t want any problem so I called up the ticketing hotline.

Explained to a young guy about my situation and he INSISTED that I have to have that credit card with me. I mean what’s the point of sending me an email with my transaction no. and asking me to print out the receipts and stuff when all these are of no use?

So, I insisted back and asked for a solution because IT IS NOT MY CREDIT CARD! and MY FRIEND IS NOT GOING FOR THIS CONCERT! (you idiot)

Finally, after putting me on hold a gazillion times and passing me to one supervisor (yeah right) to another, the so-called person in charge attended to my inquiry with this st*pid question.

“Can your friend come along?” (WHAT!)

Frustrated I told him,

“Look (you idiot), my friend is a 99-year-old man in a wheelchair, who needs his bouncer to carry his oxygen tank. His children will disown him if we are seen together. Do you think he can come along?”

Taken aback, this ingenious came up with a perfect solution.

“Please make a photocopy of the credit card and ask your friend to write an authorization letter.”

Great, so now I will need my daddy to write me a letter.

IF ONLY, my sugar daddy was not imaginary, I would have asked him to sue your company!!!

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