Today Was Not A Fairy Tale

I must have got off the wrong side of the bed today. Instead of getting off the bed from the right or the left side which I usually do, I scooted down to the end of the bed and got off at the middle. Maybe that’s the cause of the mistakes I made throughout today.

I started my weekend, as usual, helping out at the community centre and before the class ended, a student came up and said his mom wants to talk to me. I thought “Hey, parents caring about their kid’s education, that’s a good thing.”

Mistake no.1: I said yes and the mom came and complained a lot and was making a big fuss out of something that a poor teacher like me can never solve. And because of this, I was a whole hour late for my appointment at MidValley. The lesson: Just because you can handle the student, do not assume you can handle the parent.

After all that was over, off I went to MidValley to meet my friend. He was attending the education fair there.

Mistake no.2: Even though I wasn’t planning to further my studies (at the moment), I decided to walk around anyway while looking for my friend. I saw an old friend there. Our eyes met so out of courtesy, I (had to) walk over and say hi. Our conversation went something like this:-

Me: Hi

Guy: Hi

Me: (still fake smiling and not knowing what to say)

Guy: You look different.

Me: Umm…you too.

Guy: You still using the same no.?

Me: Yeah, call me sometimes (WHAT?!).

Guy: Yeah of course.

Me: (still don’t know what to say)

Guy: You are planning to further your studies?

Me: No.

Guy: (gave me a look) So, what are you doing here?

Me: Oh, I’m with a friend.

Guy: Where?

Me: I don’t know.

Ok, you pretty much guessed how it went. At the end, I lied saying I really need to go to the ladies and left. The lesson: Flee when you see someone you don’t wish to see OR write down and memorise a standard speech of what you can say to avoid embarrassing moments like this.

I finally found my friend, well actually he found me. I was walking towards the wrong guy when he jumped up in front of me. He was pretty much done so we left the fair. Outside we saw a wedding exhibition. He asked if I want to check it out.

Mistake no.3: I said ok. I was attracted to the exterior decor and I love photography so why not. It was weird. Fun but weird. People thought we were a couple and asked when we plan to get married and have we taken our wedding photos etc. One guy even came up and asked in mandarin “Is that your future husband?” while pointing at my friend who was walking around checking out those wedding stuff for his brother who is also my friend. Like I said, fun but weird. The lesson: Do not enter a wedding exhibition with your guy friend. Ever.

After that, we parted and I went off to do my shopping. One of my friends gave me money to get some exotic fish for him. I don’t really know what he meant by exotic. All he said was “No Nemo and no Dory.” So I bought a pair of the ugliest fish I could find. It was RM58 each. Exotic enough I hope.

Mistake no.4: After paying for the fishes and saw them in a plastic bag, only then I realised I have some more shopping to do. Why did I get the fishes so early?! My plan to hang around the bookstore was dashed. The lesson: PLAN before you do your shopping especially when you have breathing beings in a plastic bag with you.

With the fishes in my bag, I sprinted to Jusco to get ingredients for a roast chicken as I have promised to teach my friend how to make one.

Mistake no.5: It’s Saturday and it’s a no-plastic day. I had to squeeze everything (except the chicken of course) into my bag which I am very thankful for. The lesson: Carry around a reusable bag at all times.

I left Midvalley and headed straight to my friend’s place to give him his fishes (still alive) and the ingredients I bought. When I got there it was almost dinner time and his WHOLE family was there. Why? They were celebrating Father’s day. His parents insisted I stay for dinner which I can’t (truthfully) because my sis made dinner. His mom still insisted and offered soup.

Mistake no.6: I thought what’s the harm in that. I said thanks and sat down. Super awkward. The lesson: Do not go to your guy friend’s house if the family’s there. Say NO to the offer to eat together and flee!

Actually, many of my guy friends do not see any issue in having a girlfriend back for dinner with the whole family. I guess it’s just me. It’s weird!!!

Mistake no.7: I replied an SMS to a friend and my words were a bit harsh. I was angry at him for something I do not need to make a big deal of. I apologised right after that but I still feel bad. The lesson: DO NOT reply SMSes when you are angry!

Despite all this, it’s still a fun day though I still feel bad about being angry at my friend. Well, at least I got to meet Hiro Nakamura and got my ice cream fix. That was good 🙂

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