God, More Coffee?

Another post from my previous Friendster blog. Really brought back a lot of memories. Written when I was really down during my last uni days. I was suddenly so worried about my future and felt so bad after breaking someone's heart. Looking back now, I realised that time do heal and we do forget, not... Continue Reading →

My Greatest Love Story

I wrote this back in 2005 in my Friendster's blog. Just thought I'll share it here. I was introduced to him ten years ago by my elder sister. I got a shock of my life when my sister told me he loves me, even though I do not know him at that time. I thought... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get It Started!

Teehee! Got my blog started. While setting up this blog, I realised that I am actually quite technology NOT savvy! Got myself a headache just trying to change the background and to add in some stuff. Well, it's a learning process. Hopefully, this one is for keeps 🙂

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