DAY 74 – Goodbye, Latte

Wow, I have missed a week of blogging. I didn't realise it was that long until I saw the date on my last post. Time flies when you don't have to blog. Lol. This is my first time blogging in the afternoon. I had time while waiting for some stuff to be done so I... Continue Reading →

DAY 60 – Back From Laziness

Believe it or not, this month alone I have missed almost 2 weeks of blogging. My friends were right, once I stopped writing for a long period of time, I might soon abandon my blog. But, this time is different. I won't abandon it, might get lazy but I will come back. Lol! My '365... Continue Reading →


I am back!!! ... with a bunny! Gosh, how long has it been? My last post was in *drum roll* October 2010! That's like 7 months ago! Blame it on my new job. SERIOUSLY. It is crazy hectic over there. Still crazy but I really wanted to discipline myself to blog more often. I am... Continue Reading →

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