DAY 17 – I Failed But Not Really

Ah… yes. I missed a day of my daily blogging challenge.

I had a long day yesterday and I fell asleep while trying to blog on my mobile phone; while lying in my bed :p

I was woken up this morning by a muffled sound of IU’s Pallete and a vibrating sensation on my left butt cheek. Took me a while to realise that I fell asleep on top of my mobile phone. *OMG, overnight butt radiation!*

Before I started this blog challenge, the thought of failing to blog every single day as promised scares me. As if this blog and the world would end if I fail. I shared my worry with my close friends but they were all very encouraging. They would tell me to start anyway. And I did.

If I didn’t, that stupid fear would have stopped me from even trying. I would never know that now, I would be so ok to fail at it. I am surprisingly¬†fine with it.

In the past, I would have beaten myself up for this. It would be an imperfect blog. The date wouldn’t line up perfectly because I missed a day of posting. The challenge would be a fail. As silly as it might sound, that’s just how I felt back then. It’s funny thinking about it now.

This morning, upon realising I failed to post anything yesterday; I caught myself thinking, “So what, Klieo. So what if you miss a day or maybe 2 or even 3 days in this blog challenge. Just continue doing what you planned to do.”

The next time you stumble while trying something, just tell yourself “SO WHAT!” in the sassiest way and strive on.

By the way, it’s Mother’s Day today! To all mothers,


Happy Mother's Day, mom! <3 I love you.

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Your love and sacrifice are priceless. Do you know by being the awesome mom that you are, you are making this world a better place? You are changing the world! Thank you!

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