DAY 2 – Why I Decided to Blog Every Day For 365 Days

Blogging and writing have always been something I enjoy doing. I started blogging since the Friendster years. If you remember Friendster, then you’re probably as young as I am :p

I was never consistent with it though. Finding something to write about isn’t the hard part. The hard part is being consistent and a little less of a perfectionist.

I can spend days rereading what I wrote. I was worried about spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, the spacing not looking right, the photo wasn’t centralised, was it too short or too long etc. Gosh, you’ll probably slap me in the face if you see me spending so much time worrying about the most insignificant things. What’s worst, even after posting it, I will still find things I don’t like about it and continue to make changes here and there… YEARS after.

I posted my first blog yesterday after years of not blogging. I told myself to write, proofread, post and let go. Ummm… I was successful until I started fixing the spacing again this evening. Laugh if you would because I am laughing at myself too. I just can’t help it.

Be it fear of failure, fear of what people might say or just worrying that my work is not good enough, it is crippling. I know it is just a blog post but I know such unhealthy line of thinking affects other areas of my life.

Even this website, it took me so long to finally show it to the world. I kept changing the colours, the font size, the widgets, the themes, the arrangements… sigh… it was just not perfect.

Do you know I had this challenge in mind for the past 2 years? That I was supposed to start January 1 this year? That it took me 2 months to finally register a domain at the end of February and another 2 months to finally write my first post?

I am the master of procrastination. And I believe, a lot of times, I procrastinate because I am afraid.

Why can’t I allow myself to just create and worry about nothing? Thus, this question to myself.

What would happen if I blog every day for 365 days?

Making myself blog every day would mean I have no time to continue making changes to my posts. I will have no chance to think and think about whether I should or should not write about something.

I will have to continue creating content whether people like it or not. I will have to continue sharing my thoughts and ideas whether I think it’s good enough or not. I will have to be consistently creating something every day.

I don’t know what I will be writing about in the next 363 days but join me in this little adventure of mine and help keep me accountable.

Is there anything you have always wanted to start doing but have not? Comment down below and let’s keep encouraging one another.

*I’m still building some pages and doing some tweaking so please don’t mind some broken links here there. Do let me know though, so I can fix it.*


2 thoughts on “DAY 2 – Why I Decided to Blog Every Day For 365 Days

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  1. I’ve always wanted to start drawing again! Or be more healthy. But changes are so hard to make especially when it’s ingrained in yourself for decades.

    Btw, loving this endeavor of yours and really digging the colour scheme. Have fun!!

    1. Thanks! You should start drawing too. The first step is always the hardest. Doesn’t always have to be some serious drawings. Just start off with some doodles or sketches. Challenge yourself to do so daily or once a week. Snap a pic and post it on Instagram or something. Let me know, I’ll go follow 😀

      *health-wise, same here lah :p*

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