DAY 30 – Let’s Keep Going

Wow! I can’t believe this! It felt like it was just yesterday I was so happy that I’ve successfully blogged for 7 days. Now, it’s been 30 days!

The big 3-0!

This isn’t a continuous 30-day feat though. It’s been 33 days since I’ve started this daily blog challenge and this is my 30th-day blogging. I missed 3 days. ┬áBut, THAT’S OK! 3 days isn’t that bad compared to 1 blog post every few months.

I’ve almost gotten into the groove of it but I have still failed to plan ahead on what I want to write about. It’s pretty much an ad-hoc thing where I write whatever comes to mind. Things I do have in mind to write about, I kept postponing it because most of it requires information collecting and planning. And that needs more time.

Anyhow, I am still very proud of myself. I can’t wait till I get to day 60!

Let’s keep going!

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