DAY 32 – A Crash With CSS

I was working on my WordPress earlier and out of nowhere the site stopped working.

At first, I thought it must be an issue with my hosting company because I had a few problems with them in the past. My service was interrupted on a few separate occasions and I thought the server must be down again.

One thing good about my hosting company though is their 24/7 technical support. They have a live chat on their website and so far they’ve been helpful.

After checking with them, the server was working fine and the issue seemed to be my WordPress theme. And it was most probably my fault as I was playing with my WordPress theme’s CSS.

After some guidance from the tech guy, I decided to just delete my entire theme folder (that included all my previous CSS changes). That helped revived my website.

With CSS, I make changes to the ready-made WordPress template. I get to keep what I like and change what don’t. I guess this time, I experimented too far and crashed my website. I could check and undo my latest tweak but I was too lazy. I’ve learnt that sometimes, starting from scratch is way easier.

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