DAY 35 – Playing With Art Again

God knows how long I’ve not created any art with my hands. I’m not talking about graphic design. I mean creating something with my fingers, something I can touch, something unrelated to work.

Nowadays, no one would have imagined I was an art student. A creative art student who painted and made sculptures. Who took photographs and played with colours. Who wrote scripts and studied theatre.

I had been creating things with my hands ever sinceĀ I was a kid. I coloured and doodled and made crafts every day.

But ever since I started working, all these just came to a halt. I don’t know why. I still buy art supplies, hoping that one day, I might start again. That one day hasn’t arrived yet.

I did make hand drawn cards every now and then but even that happened once in a blue moon. I used to draw and write cards for my friends all the time. Some of my friends still have them and they’ll show it to me after all these years. I am so touched that they cherish it.

I even got myself a bamboo drawing tablet. It’s been a month now. It’s starting to collect dust. The drawing papers I bought has turned yellow. I was supposed to take up water colouring classes and that was cancelled too. I used to be able to draw anything my nephews and nieces asked me to draw, the other day I drew the ugliest elephant I’ve ever seen! I promised my friend I’ll illustrate her storybook but I failed to keep my promise.

Most times, I thought I’d wait for the inspiration to come. The feeling of wanting to create again. But, I remembered what my lecturer said on my very first day in art school,

You cannot sit and wait for inspiration. It’s not something you do when you feel like it. That’s a hobby, not art. Art is a discipline. You will need to create every day. You think great painters made great art because they had an inspiration? No! They are great because they work at it every day!

I will need to schedule in time to play with art again. I don’t need to be great at it but I do want to be able to create again.

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