DAY 46 – Happy Father’s Day, 老豆!

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the whole universe!

Thank you for always being there for me! I love you lots!

I have a hero. I call him dad. Happy father's day, papi <3

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It’s been a while since I’ve handmade something for my dad. As a kid, I used to hand-make gifts for my dad all the time. For his birthday, for Father’s Day and for no reason at all. But as I got older and have more pocket money, I started buying stuff instead of making them. Like cards and stuff. Come to think of it, I have not handmade anything for my parents ever since I graduated Primary school.

Just to put it out there, the stuff I made were pretty useless. Lol! I remember once, I took a nice looking tree branch, stuck it into a handmade pot and hung monkeys I drew out of paper on it. Hahaha! I don’t know what that gift is supposed to signify. I just thought it would be cool.

There was this one time, as I gave my dad ANOTHER handmade gift, my dad said, “Ah, you made me another one?” He sounded like he had had enough of my handmade gifts. I was so heartbroken and I vowed never to make him anything else.

Of course, I love my dad too much not to shower him with my creative gifts. So, that coming Father’s Day, I did not wish him, did not give him anything in the morning and went straight to school.

My dad opened the door for me when I got home from school and he casually said, “Do you know today is Father’s Day? I heard my friend’s kid wish him at the coffee shop”.

I just acted like it was no big deal, “Oh really?” and rushed upstairs to get his gift. I can never play a prank on anyone for more than 30 seconds.

“Nah, dad!!!! You thought I forgot didn’t you!” I said as I handed him his gift.

I can still remember that huge smile and the joy on his face.

So, I learned from a very young age that no matter how much my parents nag about not wasting time and money to get them gifts or to bring them out to eat; or say that their birthday/ parents day celebration are not important; I remind myself to do it anyway.

I know it might seem like our parents doesn’t appreciate it but they actually do. I mean, who on earth doesn’t want to feel appreciated? If your parents don’t know how to or don’t show their appreciation the way you expect them to, it doesn’t mean they don’t.

Treating our parents well is our duty, regardless of anything. Remember though, get them what they truly enjoy and not what you think they should enjoy. Most importantly, give them our time and attention.

*I failed to post anything yesterday. Internet disruption, even my phone data line wasn’t working. Thank you, TIME and Celcom for your horrible internet service lately*

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