DAY 48 – Thank You, Dad! #famileetales

*Originally posted on Facebook on 19th June 2016*

Thank you for making me go to school by telling me that as long as I want to study, you’ll work hard to pay for my education.
Thank you for telling me that no matter what happened and whatever s&#* I’m in, I can always go to you.
Thank you for teaching me to take failures easy by telling me that as long as I’m alive, I can always try again.
Thank you for teaching me what never giving up means by living it every day.
Thank you for showing me what hustling means with all your hard work.
Thank you for teaching me how to let go and move on because even when terrible things happen to you, you move forward, every time.
Thank you for believing in the best in me even though I brought you so much trouble.
Thank you for all the wisdom from your daily actions and life stories.
Thank you for showing that school education is nothing without being street smart and wise.
Thank you for always listening without judging when no one else does.
Thank you for making me feel safe and loved.
Thank you for telling me what a great woman my mom is because I sometimes forget.
Thank you for showing me what a family leader and a good husband looks like.
Thank you for showing me what sacrifice is because that’s all you do for the family.
Thank you for showing me how to be kind and humble.
Thank you for being the rock and the anchor of the family.
Thank you for always saying you were never angry whenever I apologize for something I did wrong.
Thank you for always knocking on my room door and asks if I want food because you were trying to make peace after a fight.
Thank you for not calling me fat in front of me even though I know you do refer to me as the ‘fei mui’ in front of mom (Mom told me!)
Thank you for making the tastiest fried rice and noodles out of virtually nothing.
Thank you for getting rid of lizards for me.
Thank you for all your silly antics though sometimes it annoys me, especially mom.
Thank you for teaching me how to whistle because your whistling skill amazes me.
Thank you for that one time you tried to do laundry because I was too tired from work and mom wasn’t around (though you totally ruined it, pieces of tissues were stuck on the clothes, you washed all the receipts and cash in your pocket and caused a 50 sen to get stuck in the washing machine)
Thank you for always offering to eat the food I don’t like after I ordered it.
Thank you for saying ‘I love you’ even though it was only that ONE time through the phone.
Thank you for patting my head when I’m down, it reminds me I’m daddy’s girl and nothing could go wrong.
Thank you for telling your friends I’m a good daughter (I heard youuuuuu….)
Thank you for not nagging.
No, wait… I take that back. You do nag, just less.

(I’d better stop writing before my eyes get all swollen from crying!)

Thank you, Papi. You are the best dad anyone could ever ask for. I know you will never read this because you don’t know English and my Chinese is so bad, all these will never come out right.

But, I sure can say I LOVE YOU, DAD!

Happy Father’s Day!

*I am trying to collect all memories I’ve written/ shared about my family in one place, thus the repost and hashtag #famileetales *

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