DAY 53 – Getting A Little Lazy

Ahhh… I missed another day of blogging yesterday. I’ve been blogging daily for almost two months now. You would think it’s already a habit of mine by now. It should have become something automatic to me.

Nope. I still have to remind myself to blog every day. I still have to drag myself off the bed or off whatever I was doing to write something. No, I don’t drag myself off the bed, I write a lot on my bed actually. My laziness is real, people. And I still fail to plan ahead about what I will write instead of thinking about what to write as I’m writing.

After spending days working non-stop, I thought I’ll reward myself with some TV series.

It was a mistake. A happy one that is. I found a cool TV series called Medical Examiner Dr Qin (法医秦明) and I binge watched the entire series in three days. Though it is a short 30-40 minute series of 20 episodes, it is a solid 13 plus hours of TV in just three days.

I used to watch a lot of TV series online. I had to stop because it is addictive. Because I like watching old reruns or older completed series, there’s no stop to it. I will just watch videos after videos till I’m done with the whole series. A huge time waster. It totally wrecked my sleeping hours as well. Not that it isn’t wrecked enough on its own.

At least the TV series took my mind of Latte’s condition for a bit. I am still not sure if I should put him to sleep. It is obvious he’s weak but he’s still eating and seems ok. I just hope he’s not in pain.


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