DAY 54 – Harry Potter And Regrets

I was scrolling through Facebook and found out today is Harry Potter’s 20th anniversary. At first, I was being all nostalgic and stuff but suddenly, it dawned on me; it’s been 20 whole long years!

What have I done with my life these 20 years?

I wanted to answer myself, “Nothing much,” but it isn’t quite true. Have I done a lot or as much as I think could have? Not quite true either.

20 whole long years, people. 20. That’s a lifetime for some.

I reminded myself not to get sucked into the rabbit hole of regrets again. There was a time not long ago, I regretted how much time I’ve wasted, the things I didn’t do and things I did do. Many times I thought IF ONLY I started when I was this or that age. IF ONLY I worked harder on this or that or IF ONLY I took those opportunities.

That time was a dark time. I found myself lost. Lost-er than I’ve ever been. Is that even a word. More lost? My self-confidence and self-worth were at all time low. I was easily agitated and became really sensitive to people’s remarks. I mean, I hear negative stuff all the time but it really got to me back then. But it was also because of that dark time, I finally told myself to stop being a whiner and get on working on improving my life.

I know what I needed to do. I should pick myself up and get going! So, I did.

It’s not that the feeling of regrets never come visit but I shut it out before it even had a chance to do anything.

I don’t dwell in regrets. Not anymore.

I found that negative thoughts always start in my mind. Some things might have triggered my memory or I was just bored. If I leave it to fester in my mind, it will quickly spread to my heart and that’s when I feel awful about myself.

What do I do? I would literally snap my fingers and say “Stop, Klieo! Let’s go do something fun!” It works people. Super simple but it works. That is how I consciously shut out any form of negativity from taking over.

But sometimes, it’s not myself. It’s other people.

It’s funny, you know. When you finally decided to do something and succeed, people come to you and say things like “IF ONLY you started earlier, you’ll be so much more successful by now”. Instead of celebrating your successful present, they remind you of your failed past. These people don’t even mean to say hurtful things but that’s the stuff people say.

It’s perfectly ok to feel regrets though. Just don’t suppress or dwell in it. It would suck the life out of you.

Say it, face it, embrace it, accept it, let go of it.

Once you have admitted your regrets, it’s then time to take action in the present to move on. Embracing your regrets is an important part of creating a happier present and future.

Better we use our time and energy to find ways to positively change the present, rather than spending it on regretting the past we can’t change.

Say goodbye to the heartaches, the dramas, the self pity and the nonsense. We all make mistakes, we all have struggles, we all have regrets. But you are not your mistakes, you are not your struggles, and you are not your past. You are here now and you have the power to change your present and your future.

Snap your fingers and tell yourself how awesome you are!

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