DAY 61 – No More Buffet, Please

I went out for dinner at a Korean BBQ buffet with a couple of my former Form Six schoolmates. I’ve not been to buffets often. The last time I had a buffet was like half a year ago. Wait… with the same group of friends! Lol. That buffet was my first after many years.

I used to love buffets and I’m always the one to suggest to go to one. All-you-can-eat, man!

But, the problem is I tend to overeat to compensate for the amount of money that I paid. Most times, it’s not even about the money. You won’t realise how much you have eaten because you kept refilling your plate. You lost count! By the time the fullness hits you, you’re dead!

Oh, the unintentional gluttony!

So, for the sake of my health and tummy, I decided to stop going for buffets. Soon, I learnt to stop eating before I get disgustingly full, even at places where there are tonnes of food.

I remember the last buffet I went to, I was fine! I ate till I was full and I stopped. I don’t know what happened today. All I did was ate whatever that my friends BBQ-ed and served in front of me. I kept wrapping those BBQ-ed meat with lettuce and kept putting them in my mouth.

I talked, laughed, eat, repeat.

When it finally hit me, oh…the pain! I have not felt such discomfort for the longest time. It’s worst than getting my fingers cut. I seriously thought I would suffer the entire night but thankfully, once I stood up and walked around a bit, it got a whole lot better.

Maybe I didn’t realise I overate because I talked so much today. I remember during my last steamboat/ BBQ buffet, I had a really bad sore throat and lost my voice. I rarely spoke and was the one busy preparing food.

Wait…whhhat?! Talking is making me fat!

Gathering with my Form Six friends!

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We had our Korean BBQ buffet at 情園 (Jung Won) Korean Restaurant at Jalan Mount Erskine, right opposite the wet market at Mount Erskine. They serve ala-carte dishes too. The buffet food is pretty good though the choices are pretty limited. Their marinated meats are yums but a little too much MSG and salt, maybe? I do enjoy their array of banchan especially their japchae and jumukbap. If you fancy Korean BBQ and unlimited BBQ meat, this is a nice place to hang out with your group of friends.

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