DAY 68 – Planning Before You Need It, Is Weird

Every single one of us knows that we’ll eventually experience certain milestones in our lives; getting our higher education, getting a job, buying a car, going for holidays, buying a house, dating, getting married, having kids, getting old etc. We all know we should prepare ourselves for it but if we start to plan too far ahead, too early, people tend to look at you like you’re some kinda weirdo.

Guess what? I’m that person who will look at you weird. Or used to be that person who will look at you weird.

Back then, I feel people who plan (too far) ahead are naggy people with very little fun and spontaneity. They worry about stuff that hasn’t even happen. And only God knows if it’ll ever happen! Some people really are too much into the future that they fail to enjoy the present.

“Why not seize the pleasure at once? — How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!”
– Jane Austen, Emma

BUT that doesn’t mean they are wrong to plan for the future.

So, what are you trying to say, Klieo?

I’m saying DO BOTH. Stop having this ridiculous notion that you have to do either one. You can plan for the future AND enjoy the present.

I wish I get it back then. I was great in doing the ‘enjoy the present part’ but an epic fail in planning for the future. I hated planning ahead, for most things. I don’t like the discipline of it. It’s definitely way easier to be super carefree and just go with the flow. Take things as they come and hope everything will turn out ok.

The very best people plan for things before they need to.

How your day is at the present is very much affected by the decisions and preparations you made yesterday. Your health, wealth, career, relationships and the opportunities that come your way. You can’t grab an opportunity unless you’ve been working for it.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be far more opportunity out there than ability. We should remember that good fortune often happens when opportunity meets with preparation.”
– Thomas A. Edison

WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS WEIRD: “I’m going to count my calories intake, go to the gym, lose weight so I can be healthy and look awesome.”
WHAT’S ACTUALLY WEIRD: “I’m going to tell myself I can’t lose weight for 20 years due to my metabolism” or “I rather die than eat salad all my life!” or “I don’t have time to workout. I have a life, you know.”

WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS WEIRD: Start saving for a car/ house before you even started working or just started working.
WHAT’S ACTUALLY WEIRD: Getting in credit card debts, ruining your chances of getting a loan and has no savings for down payment when the need/ opportunity comes to buy a house.

WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS WEIRD: Reading relationship books before you get married — or even before you have a girl/boyfriend.
WHAT’S ACTUALLY WEIRD: Being in a relationship and going through changes in your life without spending a little time learning beforehand.

People will get uncomfortable when you decide to get serious about something; wanting to make more money, starting a business, losing weight etc. They’ll think planning makes you a no-fun-boring slave to discipline and routines. Wrong.

Planning ahead gives you freedom.

I’m telling you, it’s OK to be weird. If you have weird company, you’re in good company. Stick with people who believes in you and encourages your endeavour to work for a better future.

It took Noah 20 years to build the ark. Everyone thought he was crazy and weird because the skies were beautiful. The whole time, he looked stupid – until it started raining.

Here’s a hard truth, if you don’t have the discipline in planning for the future, don’t think you will and can start immediately when you finally realise you should. Like any discipline and habit, it’s a process. I know because I am now struggling to do so after so many years of carefree living. Not that it is impossible but it’s tough.

So, regardless of your age, your health condition, your financial status or wherever you are in your life right now, don’t think about doing something for the future in the future. Start small. Start now. It makes a world of difference.

*Did not blog yesterday because my carpel tunnel pain was almost unbearable. All because I was colouring non-stop for 2 hours plus. Even typing this blog today is causing some pain*

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