DAY 9 – Let’s Grow Old Together

I went out to run some errands today so I took my mom out with me for Japanese food to celebrate an early Mother’s Day.

When we reached the mall, I asked my mom to walk to the restaurant first as I needed to get some money from the ATM. I knew my mom would be walking slowly so I know I would be able to catch up with her even before she reaches the restaurant.

After getting my money, I hurried off to catch my mom. I saw her back from afar and I started to get emotional for some reason.

I remember the time as a kid, I would follow my mom to the morning market. She would hold my hand and hurried through the market. I would need to take big steps to catch up with her.

It’s different now. My mom walks slowly with the help of an umbrella. Instead of taking big steps to catch up with her, I would take small steps so she wouldn’t be left behind.

While writing this, I just started tearing up thinking about my mom. It’s ridiculous I know. She’s just outside my room watching TV.

Whenever we hear “Let’s grow old together”, we will think of our lover or our significant other. One will imagine two person holding hands, going through life’s ups and downs together and walking side by side so neither one would get left behind.

We wouldn’t think of our parents or our grandparents or any elderly loved ones.

We often forget that as we grow older, so are our parents. We forget that as things change for us, it’s changing for them too.

Don’t let your mom and dad get left behind. I am not talking about physical abandonment only here. It’s emotional abandonment too. Leaving your parents feeling lonely and unworthy of your time.

I wish all children will be as understanding towards their ageing parents as their parents were once so understanding towards their growing children. Even if you think your parents didn’t understand you. Be the better person and you go understand them.

I wish all children will tell their parents “Let’s grow old together!”.

I love you, mom.

On a less serious note, I wouldn’t exactly tell my mom I want to grow old with her because she will scream ‘choi’ and start nagging me about getting a boyfriend because she’ll think, growing old with HER would mean I’m not getting married.

*Most Chinese says ‘choi’ when someone says something bad or unlucky.

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