My Greatest Love Story

I wrote this back in 2005 in my Friendster’s blog. Just thought I’ll share it here.

I was introduced to him ten years ago by my elder sister. I got a shock of my life when my sister told me he loves me, even though I do not know him at that time. I thought he was crazy and so was my sister! My bro-in-law too cause he was so supportive of him!

I never accepted him till like eight years ago. I hated him at first but he was persistent. Not pushy but persistent. Before you accept someone into your life, of course, you will go around asking about how he really is. So I went around asking those who knows him. Everyone only has GOOD things to say about him and I was like…yeah right!

Then, of course, there are a few who have nothing good to say about him. They were telling me that there are others out there and reminded me not to be influenced by what others were saying (forgetting they are THE others themselves). I was confused and decided to forget about him. The moment I thought of that, there he was again, calling. Irritated at first, I decided to give him a chance and get to know him myself. First-hand information is ALWAYS the BEST.

He wrote me pages and pages of love letters. At first, I was not interested in reading it but I thought what the heck. No harm reading it right? Slowly, I got to know him better through those love letters he wrote.

One night, I gave him my heart. It was scary since it was my first time. I remember telling myself, what is the worse thing that could happen? If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just break it off. But surprise, surprise I am still with him today and we are getting closer day by day.

I remember him telling me how much he loves me. At first, I didn’t really believe him. But of course, time proves everything. His love never fails me. Things he says are never really romantic but it touches my heart every time. He promises never to leave me. He said, “…a mother can forget her child in her womb but I will never forget you…” Hardly romantic I know but that was the best promise I ever got! The best part is, he is still keeping his promise. He was there whenever I needed him. Every time I am sad, he will ask me to put my head on his shoulder and cry and complain to him all I want! And he REALLY LISTENS! I love him for that!

He knows exactly how to make me happy. The way he does it surprises me every time. I’d always ask him to do something so that I won’t feel so bad. I asked but I wasn’t really expecting anything but to my surprise he did! Usually, he does it in disguise but I know it’s him.

He stood out among everybody else. He was different. Sometimes he does and says things I myself do not understand. Whenever I ask him, he will tell me to wait till the time comes and then I will know. He teaches me not to lean on my own understanding but his. I love him and I know he loves me a million times more. He only wants the BEST for me. So, I just trust him. It may sound crazy but believe me, it is worth trusting him cause he knows me better than my mom!

Our relationship is not always a bed of roses. We have our ups and downs. But the thing I love so much about him is that he seldom gets angry and is ever forgiving. I mean seriously, no other guy on earth could stand me like he does! The main reason behind our little fights is always ME. I love being free and doing things my way. I really hate being controlled by anyone. He can be a little over protective. You can’t do this and you can’t do that. Drives me crazy at times. Sometimes I get so angry with him or so ashamed of myself, I ended up not talking to him. Funny thing is he always tries to get me talking to him again. Nothing I do can make him love me more and nothing I do can make him love me less.

People asked many questions about him. Even my parents, friends and relatives. They always wonder why I am so into him. Sometimes I couldn’t really answer them. They need to know him themselves to understand our love. But, most are not bothered.

Someone who loves me enough to die for me is always there for me and forever wants the best for me. I couldn’t ask for more. Nothing and no one else can compare. By the way, his name is Jesus Christ. He wrote those love letters for you too and it’s all in the bible. I pray you will meet him too someday and get your very own greatest love story.

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